My Interview on 98fm


Press the play button below to listen to an interview I did recently on Dublin’s 98fm:

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Is stress causing your back pain?


When you are suffering from stress this can cause the piriformis muscle to expand and hold tension.  This muscle is located in the lower back just above the hip joints and close to your discs in your back and also the nerve endings of the sciatica nerve.  You may feel terrible pain, numbness, a burning […]

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Stress can damage your health


If you are under stress all the time in your life you will continue to trigger the fight or flight response in your brain.  This is the emergency response to any danger that you fear or feel you are faced with.  This can cause the cerebral cortex (the part of the brain for thinking) to […]

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Dublin musician who likes to come to Pat for jet lag and balance.


Dublin musician who likes to come to Pat for jet lag and balance.

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A lending hand


On the Evening of 14th Sept, I drove into Central Bank in Dame St where I volunteer with our group of volunteers (A lending hand) where we look after the homeless on the streets in Dublin. When i got out of the car a tourist came up and asked me “where he could get served […]

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What Anne learned from dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts


This is how Anne was feeling when she came to me in the suffering depression, I think she explains very the way she was feeling at that time, and it is probably the way that many people will identify with.

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Article on stress, anxiety and depression in Image magazine


  If you are reading this article and you are feeling stress, anxiety, panic attacks or even suicidal thoughts. I would like you to read an Article by Caroline Foran Deputy Editor of Image Magazine. You can find the article here. I think Caroline is very brave to write this Article, where she explains her […]

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Links Between Stress and Health

Medical research shows that many physical and mental illnesses are stress related,and are the cause of such pains as back pain headaches, depression, chronic fatigue, low energy. Bio Energy therapy can help you to get relief,and manage these pains, and help your mind and body to recover, and enjoy your life. Are you a constant […]

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Family Issues

Working with people to heal physical, mental and emotional problems, I find that family issues come up a lot. Conflicts are part of family life. Many issues can lead to family problems such as addiction,loss of a job, loss of a business, bereavement, martial problems, school difficulties,serious illness. We are all shaped by the family […]

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The Smell of Roses

I was visiting a close family member in hospital every night, which was diagnosed as terminally ill, we were aware that despite our best help and efforts that we were not going to be able to save her.   The doctors were not sure how long she would be with us, as every day was […]

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It is Pat with his compassion, his listening and caring skills and the unbelievable support he gives is the real bonus to getting one well again.

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