Distance Healing has been proven to work, over many Years, many countries, many Healers, many Therapies.
There is no guarantee that distance healing will work for a person, as there is no guarantee that healing will work for the person attending the healing room either .

It is difficult for people to try to understand how distance healing works. the important thing is that the person requesting the healing gets, relief, benefit, and support after receiving the healing.

A healers job is to help heal as many people as possible, where and however they are,to help , heal and support them ,to cope better with their illness, and to bring peace , calm, and comfort back into their lives.

Book a distance healing session

Contact Pat to arrange a 1 Hour Distance Healing Session at nice quiet time that suits you. Sit or Lie down in a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes make sure your phone is turned off. As you breathe out focus all your attention on the area of your body that you wish to heal. As you breathe out focus all your attention on the area of your body you wish to heal, then visualize all the pain, stress, anxiety leave your Body.

If you need to talk Pat will help, support and motivate you in every way on your healing journey.The fee for a 1 hour Healing Session is €50, book 4 Sessions for €200, get 5th Session free. Send Cheque or Money Order to Pat Kelly, 40 Brookwood Rise, Artane, Dublin 5. Make sure to include your Address so I can post back receipt.


Pat will post you a wristband to wear during your Healing session, and to wear to help remind you of your healing journey.
Some people have been known to have found it helpful, to use a technique where, if the pull the wrist band ( LIGHTLY) allow it to snap back into the inside of their wrist, just to feel a slight sting. Visualise this sending a signal to your brain to release healing energy. People suffering, phobias, depression, stress, anxiety, bullying have found this helpful in giving them relief.

If you wish to give the gift of a Distance Healing to someone in need. Pat will post you a gift voucher, and a wristband to give to the person you wish to receive the Healing.

Here’s a testimonial from Jim in Dublin who was struggling with back pain…

While I was recently away on holidays, I was having muscle spasms in my low back. I tried taking medications and also used Muscle relaxing gel. As I was getting no relief, I contacted Pat, who did some “Distant healing” for me. I could feel the heat going through my body and the relief was fantastic. I was able to carry on and enjoy the rest of my holiday. I was so glad that I contacted Pat. I would truly recommend Pat. Thanks a million.

My wrist , which had been given me problems for a couple of months, was 100% better after my visit to you.

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