I went to visit Pat on the 18th of January. My sister had just died. I was suffering crippling panic attacks and anxiety. I was really very low and the tablets, I was taking were not really working… Pat done bio energy healing on me… I have to say it was the most relaxed feeling […]

After suffering for years with anxiety, I didn’t think it could ever improve and after a few sessions with Pat I’m doing things I never thought I could.  I can’t wait to see what the next sessions will bring. Niamh, Dublin

Pat has a wonderfully warm and welcoming room where magic happens.   Every reading I have gotten has given me the right guidance at the right time. And he himself is a wonderful counsellor – down to earth, clear, positive, and compassionate. And he walks the walk: lots of people advise thinking positive, Pat actually does […]

To whom it may concern, On 27th of June 2017 my 11 year old son was diagnosed with Leukaemia. The shock and heartbreak was indescribable. Around a week into treatment I decided I needed to see someone for myself to help give me the strength and energy to stay positive for my son. I stumbled […]

I would just like to take the time to speak about Pat Kelly who at my darkest hour when I was trying to do anything to end my life and couldn’t see anybody who understood me or could help me, I was completely withdrawn from everybody. On Christmas day Pat came to visit me and […]

My husband was having a difficult time in work, to the point he was going to quit his job. When he was due to go into a meeting with his boss, I contacted Pat and asked him to do some “distance healing” on my husband at the same time as the meeting. My husband started to feel […]

I really believe the day I met Pat Kelly, the Angels sent him into my life. I was at rock bottom. I felt so lost, so lonely and so worthless. I felt like I was drowning and couldn’t save myself. My marriage was over and I was struggling with all aspects of my life. My […]

I have my demons but pat has helped me a lot and I’ll continue to see him and he’s more like a mate than a counsellor or your idea of a healer

Cancer has this terrifying effect. When it is one of your children it is more frightening. The shock heightens your awareness of death and lack of knowledge incapacitates you: makes you dizzy. What now!   I couldn’t utter the word to anyone. When I did tears would involuntarily fall. The future was black. So I […]

After suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks when driving for the last 2 years (following a road traffic accident),I was nearly giving up hope that I’d never be able to take on the busy m50 again-that was until I met the happiest most positive person I’ve ever encountered. Pat is a genuine caring person,his […]

I contacted Pat Kelly as I felt at a very low point in my life. Over the past few years I was feeling very stressed and anxious due to the culmination of a number of issues that I had to deal with – family bereavement, ongoing and consistent stress in my work environment, health and […]

I met Pat last summer when my anxiety was probably at its worst. His enthusiasm and positivity must have had an impact on me as not long afterwards I really started to get my life in order. I was long-term unemployed and struggled to settle back to Ireland after decades abroad. Pat was very encouraging […]

I received Pat Kellys number quite by chance, in my hour of desperation. It was Christmas eve and my son was extremely suicidal with crippling anxiety and depression. He had three failed previous attempts. I had no idea if my son would even see Pat. This was the best phone call I have ever made. […]

I was able to carry on and enjoy the rest of my holiday. I was so glad that I contacted Pat.

I can wholeheartedly say that Pat Kelly is like a conduit to the beyond to help many on their healing journeys.

Then I went to see Pat and suddenly things seemed a whole lot brighter. Pat is a very talented healer, with a wonderful energy about him.

Pat Kelly was and is always there for me when I’m in need of this help. He is always in a cheerful mood and has a great spirit.

Since my visit with Pat he has sent he healing twice a week and always lets me know he is there for me. I personally have never met or gone to a healer like Pat.

I am truly grateful to Pat for helping me on the road to recovery. His sessions helped me to face the gruelling chemotherapy and I got through the 18 weeks without being sick once.

After seeing Pat a few times I’m starting to get back out there and getting my confidence back. I would highly recommend pat.

My wrist , which had been given me problems for a couple of months, was 100% better after my visit to you.

It is Pat with his compassion, his listening and caring skills and the unbelievable support he gives is the real bonus to getting one well again.

Thank you Pat for all your help. My life has has changed drastically and I am finally in a happy place

You have such a gift and carry on healing people just as u do, It’s magical thanks again from bottom of my heart.

If I am ever feeling down all I have to do is pick up the phone and ring Pat will always try make time for you

I no longer have any suicidal thoughts only good thoughts and can now see a future ahead of me, i would just like to thank you again

I can only recommend Pat’s healing as the most wonderful palliative feeling I have ever encountered. I am eternally grateful to Pat.

I was a new woman day after being to see you. Would highly recommend Pat to anybody suffering with Pain or any ailment.

Thanks for all your help and motivation and keep continuing to do what you do best in your healing field.

Within 3 days the shingles were nearly gone and I felt a lot better. I am so grateful to you.

My mornings are a joy now and life is so much less complicated, thanks to you Pat!

I really enjoyed the relaxation of the treatment, it was only then I was ready to receive the Angels

Without a shadow of doubt in my mind Pat Kelly is an extraordinarily gifted man who brought profound changes to my health and life with his skills and bio-energy healing techniques. For most of my life I have suffered with severe hay fever and allergies, after just one sitting I was able to spend the […]

Words cannot describe my gratitude. Pat brings healing to body and mind and peace to the soul.

From my first session with Pat, I have found my stress levels have lessened and my anxiety is under control.

Thanks Pat for sorting out my whiplash problems. I am a new person.

My depression vanished and never returned

I now feel confident driving and have no dizzy spells, and my anxiety has improved so much and I am rebuilding my life with confidence and a positive outlook.

Pat truly has helped me so much and all the bad things are finally behind me. I really believe that Pat is a miracle worker he really had got healing hands.

I would like to thank you for your treatment, you are a very friendly nice guy, and I am glad I picked up the phone to call you

I would recommend that anybody going through any manner of difficulty make an appointment to see Pat. There isn’t a hope you could regret it.

With two weeks to go before the move back to Italy I could I feel my energy is coming back stronger every day.

Having suffered with back pain for almost twenty years, I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel.

Pat is one of the kindest, most gifted and generous professional that I have ever encountered.

I would recommend Pat to anyone with either physical or emotional illness and it will be the best phone call you will ever make

Pat has a great sense of the art of healing. Unlike many health professionals, Pat listens to his clients.In doing so he affirms their anxieties which has a calming effect before the energy healing begins. This is an essential component of treating the holistic person. My son, in his early 20’s was full of anxieties, […]

Pat went the extra mile for me and that makes all the difference!

I am very lucky to have made that call to Pat all those months ago, I never thought that I would feel well again, it has been the most wonderful experience,   and after 2 visits I felt on the mend. Attending Pat with Chronic illness has helped me so much, I cannot find words to […]

I have been attending Pat over the last few months for help with anxiety. He is a wonderful healer and I’m so grateful to him for all his support. Daily texts wishing me well, sending me healing regularly …. and the healing sessions themselves have all helped to get me to a much better place […]

Every session with Pat was such a treat. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who is suffering.

My friends say my eyes are brighter again and I’m up and ready very early everyday with enthusiasm for life again

The best decision ever, from my first visit I found that the constant ache, that gnawing pain had eased

I love going to Pat because he has introduced me into a beautiful world of tranquility and peace.

Best decision I made because now I am able to function better and feel more balanced in my daily routines.

During this journey, you were with me every step of the way. You worked on me with your “Healing Hands” and texted me regularly, sending me healing from afar.

The team were inspired and we won all 3 games away and 1 home to win the match

I would definitely recommend Pat to anyone, with any kind of health problems, very down to Earth, Friendly, and Effective.

I am happy to say that the pain has never come back, in all I went to Pat for 4 Sessions the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Visiting you has definitely helped me, yesterday was amazing. I arrived feeling very tired and flat, I left feeling uplifted and Calm.

I have been unable to work for months but with Pats amazing support and healing I am able to go back to work.

I feel so much lighter and positive, have been handling all sorts all day with a smile and I slept so well last night.

I want to thank Pat so very much for his time, compassion and understanding with my daughter, I cant believe the change in her

I had two sessions with him and the pain went. I have had no pain in my shoulder since I went to him

I ran the Womens Mini Marathon on Monday in 58 mins having not being able to run at all in the last 6 months!

I had just accepted it as incurable, I never even mentioned it to Pat.

Thanks to Pat Kelly and his gift of healing I can now walk for over an hour with no pain in my back, hip or knee

But immediately after you finished. I got up and got dressed and put on make up and began to feel lively and enthusiastic.

Of all the healers I have been to,  and I have been to a hell of a lot of them, all over the World.  Pat Kelly is the very best. Shane Mc Gowan 2012

After 5 years lying in bed with a spinal injury, just 2 treatments with you had me on my feet again

Chronic Pain is hard to describe, some days I would feel ok, so days everything is a struggle.

I suffered from very low confidence and serious family issues, which had held me back all of my life.

I had had surgery on a knee tumor about a year and a half earlier, but had never experienced any relief and suffered continuous knee pain ever since

I know you can’t bring my hubby back (no one can) but I do come away from a session with you feeling that I can cope with the road ahead.

To my absolute amazement after visiting pat I had 1 dizzy spell in the next 6 months. Can’t explain it, it just worked.

By the fourth session I was walking into Pat with a spring in my step, I couldn’t believe the change in myself.

I have never met anyone like Pat, he is a totally selfless person, truly devoted to helping others & giving of his time & energy to anyone who needs it.

I made an appointment with Pat and after 1st session he only woke once and after 2nd session he hasn’t woken at all…I am so grateful to Pat and so is my son.

I can now remember all the amazing special times, and all they did for me , without a lump in my throat.

It really does work. I want to thank Pat for helping me along and know that he is always there if I need him.

I have been to Pat a few times, each time I come out I feel stronger for it. I feel he is always there for me no matter what is going on in my life.

I personally know and believe I would not be the person I am today with out the help from Pat. Thank you Pat so so so much.

I used to be afraid to walk outside the door without thinking people were laughing at me. Now I’ve joined curves and uni-slim and lost 19lbs.

My overall quality of life has improved as a result of taking your treatment and I thank you for it.

My knee has now cleared up and I am back dancing and walking again. I would like to thank Pat for the improvement he has brought to my health and my life.

I felt as though my body had come alive again. Pat worked very hard and I am really grateful to him for letting me experience this wonderful treatment.

After Pat worked on me I could feel a change and relief from the pain and had more energy. I had 4 sessions with him and continued to improve with each one.

I had the most wonderful experience. I had shoulder and neck problems for 15 years and after the first session I was virtually pain free.

I felt totally relaxed and calm. When the Healing was over it was like coming back into shore on a wave. It was like been eased into my body and feeling totally recharged.

After my sessions with you my fear was gone. I regained energy and enthusiasm. I now have the energy to exercise and I am living a much happier life.

I felt so relaxed and calm and I could feel the pain go. I am delighted to tell you that i have not had the migraine since. Thank you Pat

I wouldn’t have got through the last 8 months without my family and friends and yourself. I would like to Thank you so much for all your help/comfort and kindness and the texts that seem to give me the push I need.

I could not believe it when I got up the next morning and the pain was gone, and I have not had it since. I cannot thank Pat enough for how he has changed my life.


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I have been attending Pat over the last few months for help with anxiety. He is a wonderful healer and I’m so grateful to him for all his support. Daily texts wishing me well, sending me healing regularly …. and the healing sessions themselves have all helped to get me to a much better place […]

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