Client Testimonials

Alex’s journey from 2017 to today

Knee Trouble

Christmas last year (2018) I was… Read more “Knee Trouble”

Low Self Esteem and Anxiety . .Sarah Dublin

Distance Healing – Tanya from Co Offaly

Carmel Hughes

I have seeing Pat for one… Read more “Carmel Hughes”

Sandra Dublin – I am getting Better after each Visit .

Angela, Dublin – Acute back pain

I have suffered from acute back… Read more “Angela, Dublin – Acute back pain”

Caroline, Dublin – Coping with Grief

It’s a beautiful bank holiday Monday… Read more “Caroline, Dublin – Coping with Grief”

Betty, Dublin – MigraineI suffered from anxiety and Migraine

Gretta, Carlow – Anxiety

Jackie, Kildare – Neck pain, shoulder pain

Kathleen, Dublin – Shoulder and neck pain

Kay, Dublin – Neck and shoulder pain

Kay, Dublin – Shingles

I had my first Bio-Energy session… Read more “Kay, Dublin – Shingles”

Kay, Dublin – Damaged Knee

Michael, Dublin – Low in Energy

I had four Bio-Energy treatment sessions… Read more “Michael, Dublin – Low in Energy”

Andrea, Dublin – Paranoid attacks

Martina, Carlow – Depression and panic attacks

Mary, Dublin – Grief and Bereavement

After nearly 3 Years of struggling… Read more “Mary, Dublin – Grief and Bereavement”

Denise, Dublin – Bereavement

Victoria, Limerick – Spinal problems

Tracey, Dublin – Sleep disorder

Catherine, Dublin – Chronic illnesses

Sharon – Meath, Acute Stress and Fatigue

J, Kildare – Dizzy Spells

Firstly let me say I’m a… Read more “J, Kildare – Dizzy Spells”

Caroline, Dublin – Cope with Grief

It’s a beautiful bank holiday Monday… Read more “Caroline, Dublin – Cope with Grief”

Marcella, Melbourne – Knee Tumor

From the moment I stepped inside… Read more “Marcella, Melbourne – Knee Tumor”

Isabelle, Cork – Family Issues

I suffered from very low confidence… Read more “Isabelle, Cork – Family Issues”

Terri, Kildare – Chronic Pain

Imelda, Raheny – Spinal Injury

Thank you most sincerely for the… Read more “Imelda, Raheny – Spinal Injury”

Victoria Mary Clarke – Healing

Jimmy, Dublin – Back Pain

I have suffered with back pain… Read more “Jimmy, Dublin – Back Pain”

Barbara, Dublin – Sleep Problem

Nicola, Dublin – Knee Pain

Just wanted to let you know… Read more “Nicola, Dublin – Knee Pain”

May, Dublin – Shoulder Pain

Some months ago I suffered with… Read more “May, Dublin – Shoulder Pain”

Susan, Dublin – Unhappy in School

Mary, Dublin – Dealing with stress at work

John, Dublin Musician – Dublin

I would definitely recommend Pat to… Read more “John, Dublin Musician – Dublin”

Positive Energy – Fintan Dublin

You may remember me asking you… Read more “Positive Energy – Fintan Dublin”

Almha, Dublin – Tiredness, feeling flat.

Pat, visiting  you has definitely helped me, … Read more “Almha, Dublin – Tiredness, feeling flat.”

Shoulder pain – Molly, Louth

For the last 2 years approximately,… Read more “Shoulder pain – Molly, Louth”

Anxiety, Kildare

I just wanted to thank you… Read more “Anxiety, Kildare”

Fatigue – Sonya – Washington DC

Ann – Treated after accident

Sarah – Dublin – Back Pain

The first time I visited Pat… Read more “Sarah – Dublin – Back Pain”

Clare, Dublin – Depression

Gwen – Stress and lack of sleep

Philip – Dublin – Anxiety

I have been attending Pat over… Read more “Philip – Dublin – Anxiety”

Eileen – Dublin – Chronic Illness

Enda – Kildare – Depression

When I first arranged to meet… Read more “Enda – Kildare – Depression”

Pat – Dublin – Anxiety

Pat has a great sense of… Read more “Pat – Dublin – Anxiety”

Angela, Dublin – Anxiety

I retired recently and suffered severe… Read more “Angela, Dublin – Anxiety”

Post Natal Depression, Dublin

Miracles do happen; I am living… Read more “Post Natal Depression, Dublin”

Fiona, Westmeath – Back Pain

Thank you very much for your… Read more “Fiona, Westmeath – Back Pain”

Turin, Italy – ME and CFS

My cynical side put to bed,… Read more “Turin, Italy – ME and CFS”

Caroline, Dublin – Anxiety

Paul, Dublin – Headaches

Hi Pat, thank you very much… Read more “Paul, Dublin – Headaches”

Ann Mary – Work Stress

I would like to recommend the… Read more “Ann Mary – Work Stress”

Lauren, Westmeath – Anxiety

I cannot thank Pat enough, he… Read more “Lauren, Westmeath – Anxiety”

Gerry, Dublin – Depression

Martina, Dublin – Stress and anxiety

I recently started to visited Pat… Read more “Martina, Dublin – Stress and anxiety”

Q fever – Moira, Meath

I was diagnosed with a condition… Read more “Q fever – Moira, Meath”

Depression – Anne Marie, Tipperary

Olivia, Westmeath – Shingles

Thank you Pat. 2 months ago… Read more “Olivia, Westmeath – Shingles”

Natalie, Back pain

Pat is truly amazing, he has… Read more “Natalie, Back pain”

Jackie, Anxiety

Just wanted to send a quick… Read more “Jackie, Anxiety”

Maureen, Mayo – Hernia

Thank you Pat for curing my… Read more “Maureen, Mayo – Hernia”

Tess, anxiety

I would like to thank Pat… Read more “Tess, anxiety”

Sam, Dublin – Depression and anxiety

Carol, Fertility Issues, Anxiety and Stress

Vera, Energy Healing

I will be forever grateful that… Read more “Vera, Energy Healing”

Al, Dublin – Wrist Injury

Linda – Agoraphobia

Pat is such a genuine lovely… Read more “Linda – Agoraphobia”

Maeve, Donegal – Breast Cancer

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer… Read more “Maeve, Donegal – Breast Cancer”

Anne Marie, Galway – Depression

I have suffered with anxiety and… Read more “Anne Marie, Galway – Depression”

Carmen, Switzerland

One morning this spring I was… Read more “Carmen, Switzerland”

Susan, Dublin – Grief/Anxiety/Panic Attacks

I was experiencing overwhelming grief three… Read more “Susan, Dublin – Grief/Anxiety/Panic Attacks”

M.S.M Virginia USA – Back and rib pain

The things that should strike anyone… Read more “M.S.M Virginia USA – Back and rib pain”

Depressed and suicidal

I received Pat Kellys number quite… Read more “Depressed and suicidal”

Annie, Wicklow – Anxiety

I met Pat last summer when… Read more “Annie, Wicklow – Anxiety”

Carol, Dublin – Anxiety and panic attacks

After suffering from severe anxiety and… Read more “Carol, Dublin – Anxiety and panic attacks”

Siobhan – Distance healing

Cancer has this terrifying effect. When… Read more “Siobhan – Distance healing”

Brian, Meath – Depression and Pain

Alex’s Journey Is So Much Easier…

My doctor was amazed

The day after my first session… Read more “My doctor was amazed”

The Energy I Felt Going Through Me Was Amazing…

I’m not sure how he does it… but it works!!

I Feel More Positive Every Day…

I cannot explain the peace and comfort I got from this experience

And I sat a job interview which I never thought I would have the confidence to do

Been for my third visit today to pat and I’m feeling positive much calmer

Shane Mc Gowan – Pat Kelly is the very best

Have not had a panic attack since my first meeting with Pat

The difference in my life is immeasurable