Angel Healing

I have been blessed with a healthy,happy, contented life. I have had positive things happen out of negative situations.
I attribute this to my belief in angels, I could be right,  or I could be wrong, but this belief has served me well in my life up to now.
That is the reason that I try to help others with my Angel Healing sessions.
Can I stress that you don’t have to believe in Angels to benefit from these sessions, they are not religious, they are spiritual.
The session takes about an hour, you lie down in total relaxation, I play an Angel c.d. for you. i work to remove any energy blockages in your system, and bring balance back into your body.
I call on the Angels to give you any messages that they might want to give you. To help, support, and heal you from any fears problems, troubles, stress or anxiety you may have been suffering. I also do an angel card reading, all included in the session.
you can tailor this session to your requirements, ITS YOUR TIME