Dealing with the symptoms and signs of depression and suicide? If you are suffering these feelings I hope that I can help you to cope and manage with how you are feeling right now. Depression is a treatable condition, with help and support you can overcome your depression.

The symptoms, signs and feelings

  1. No energy.
  2. No motivation.
  3. Tired all the time.
  4. No motivation.
  5. Sleep disorder.
  6. Feeling worthless.

Possible causes of depression

  1. Stress and anxiety in your Life.
  2. Bereavement, loss of a family member or loved one.
  3. Loss of home or business.
  4. Financial difficulties.
  5. Bullying in work or school or home.
  6. Marriage or relationship difficulties.

Ways to help you manage and cope with depression

  1. See your doctor or health professional.
  2. See a therapist or counselor.
  3. Join a support group for depression.
  4. Join a Yoga, Dancing, or Exercise Group.
  5. Try to get a   Walk in the Fresh Air and Nature.
  6. Get Rest,  and Eat Healthy.

What to avoid when depressed

  1. Alcohol, Drugs. Cigarettes
  2. Stress an Anxiety in Your Life
  3. Avoid Negative People that Drain your Energy.

Suicidal thoughts, signs and feelings

  1. Saying things like ” You would be better off without me”
  2. Always talking and thinking about Death.
  3. Giving away personal belongings.
  4. Talking about ways other people committed Suicide.
  5. Connecting with people they have not been in touch with for a while.
  6. Taking risks with their Life.

It is important to seek help and support to help you deal with your depression to help you