Stress Management

Stress management is critically important in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Stress is the body’s response to something traumatic in your life,studies have shown that chronic stress can greatly affect your physical mental and emotional health. Most people worry about…

  1. Something they can do nothing about.
  2. Something that has nothing to do with them.
  3. Something that will never happen.

What is Stressful for you may not be Stressful for someone else, that s why its important to get help, your first call is to your Doctor or health care professional. To help you cope better its important that you understand there are things you cannot change…

  1. The Past.
  2. The Future.
  3. Other People.

If you are not happy with your progress after you have been to your Doctor, and you would like to try something complimentary, you might consider giving me a call, i will not promise that I will be able to do any better than he did for you.
I will promise you I will give you lots of time, counseling, healing, support, and motivation techniques to help calm and heal mind and body. That will help you to improve your overall health and bell being.

Causes of stress

Death of a parent or loved one.
Moving House.
Break up of a Marriage.
Break up of a relationship
Bullying in work home or school.
But it could be something that seems trivial to everyone else but a big stress-er for you.

Stress symptoms

Back Pain, Shoulder Pain.
Neck Pain Stomach Pain.
Feeling Low.
No Motivation
Negative Thoughts
Sleep Disorder.
Angry with the whole World.

Things to avoid when stressed

Street Drugs.

Things to help you cope with stress

Find and eliminate the cause of your stress.
Get enough rest and sleep.
Try relaxing techniques to heal the mind an d Body
.Try Physical exercise even short walks to start.
Mix with positive that will help motivate and support you.
Do things you love to do.