On the Evening of 14th Sept, I drove into Central Bank in Dame St where I volunteer with our group of volunteers (A lending hand) where we look after the homeless on the streets in Dublin. When i got out of the car a tourist came up and asked me “where he could get served Irish stew in the area as he wanted to try it.

I told him “You have asked the right man, I have one in the back of the car”. He started laughing, and looked a bit confused at my answer. I then went and opened the boot of the car, where i had a big pot of hot stew, hot mashed potatoes and hot Sausages. I the explained to him that I was there to feed the homeless on the street in Dublin, and that he could have a bowl of Stew and Mash if he gave me a lending hand to set up.

I now know this was Mark Drenth from the Netherlands and he was kind enough to send me the email and photos.

Dear Mr Kelly,

Many thanks for your kind offer of food on the evening of 14th of September 2015. For me it was a real welcome to Ireland, and I will treasure this memory. I wish you all the best in providing relief for the homeless in Dublin. It was a pleasure meeting you and the team of volunteers. Until we meet again …

Kind Regards,

Mark Drenth