Bio Energy Healing

Healing Therapy

Using the energy in your body to treat physical, mental or emotional problems

Bio energy is a gentle, safe, non intrusive, hands healing therapy, conducted through the use of the hands by the healer or therapist over the patients body while [Fully Clothed]. It uses the energy in your body to treat physical, mental, or emotional problems in the body’s energy system without the use of drugs.

It’s a holistic system for balancing, harmonizing, and healing the physical body, mind and spirit promoting a feeling and sense of well being and raising your energy to a higher level, especially if you have been feeling tired, withdrawn, low in energy and depressed or over worked, and stressed about an emotional problem in your life.

The session takes place in a warm relaxed caring and healing environment, with soft music playing to help calm and relax the mind and body. The therapist is trained to find and release any blockages in the energy system to allow healing to begin.

The therapist is trained to find and release any blockages in the energy system to allow healing to begin.


This will help the person to release any pain, or discomfort they may have been suffering. People are sometimes amazed at how much stress they are carrying that they are not aware of. Most people who come for Bio Energy healing come with a specific problem, they simply want to be able to relax and cope with the stresses of daily life. Many physical problems respond and ease quickly others can take more time. Healing is sometimes misunderstood as curing,

Healing does not always happen on a physical level first, because Bio Energy works on a holistic level, it may be that work needs to be carried out on the emotional side before results start to become visible or felt on the physical side.

The release of anger, guilt, hatred, negative thoughts and emotions, can allow your bodies healing to begin, because your body heals itself allowing you to develop an awareness of self love, and understanding helping you to be happy and enjoy your life, in love, peace, and harmony as it should be.
People have experienced relief from back pain, shoulder, neck, and chest pain, headaches, migraine, arthritis, abdominal pain, sleep disorder, stress, depression, after a Bio Energy session.

If you think you have a health problem go see your doctor or health care professional for your problem take their advice and medication, I always give people this advice and I would see it as a duty of care to do my very best for anyone that would put their trust in me to help them in every way I can.

You don’t have to believe in this treatment for it to work for you.