Driving down the Malahide road in Dublin, on a cold foggy November evening, at the junction of Griffith Ave, there is a set of traffic lights, and shops on the left hand side, it was about 8. O clock in the evening.


There was a car in front of me as the lights had just changed; I knew I was going to get them so I did not have to slow down.


As the car pulled off the fumes from the exhaust pipe, formed the shape of a body, just in front of me, I just jammed on the brakes,


As I did a lady walked straight out in front of me, she was able to put her hand on the bonnet of the car; she came around to driver’s side, apologized, and asked how I stopped.


She explained that her mother was dieing, and that she had rushed down to the chemist before they closed, to get pain killers, and she had double parked at the far side of the road, and was only watching her car, and forgot about the traffic coming down her right hand side.


I could not explain to that lady that, I had stopped for the figure that had appeared in front of me, just before she walked out in front of me.


Angels I thank you for saving that ladies life, and for me not killing that lady that night.