Working with people to heal physical, mental and emotional problems, I find that family issues come up a lot. Conflicts are part of family life.
Many issues can lead to family problems such as addiction,loss of a job, loss of a business, bereavement, martial problems, school difficulties,serious illness.
We are all shaped by the family that we are born into, by friends, neighbours and the people in the community that we come in contact with while growing up.
The manners the values and the respect that we have for people in authority, that teach and guide us, in our influential years.
Unfortunately we are not all the same, we do not all have the same personality , the same needs, the same expectations, and same frustrations in life.
For this reason conflicts can arise, because of the different ways that we see things, the different ways, and we view situations and deal with them in our  lives.
Problems experienced in our childhood are often expressed towards others in our later life.
Which it is so important to deal with conflicts that  may arise,  in a kind and understanding and fair way
To help heal any hurt that may have been caused to any member of the family.
If you are having a problem with a member of the family dealing with a particular issue, it is important to get professional help early to deal with the problem.
Someone that the family member can speak to in confidence who is non judge mental, helpful understanding and supportive on a one to one basis.

Dealing with family problems head on provides solutions and avoids conflict.