Medical research shows that many physical and mental illnesses are stress related,and are the cause of such pains as back pain headaches, depression, chronic fatigue, low energy. Bio Energy therapy can help you to get relief,and manage these pains, and help your mind and body to recover, and enjoy your life.


Stress and worry are harmful when it becomes irrational and may cause problems such as dizziness,  fatigue,  and loss of memory.
This can cause difficulties in your life,  in your job and relationships.

If you are exposed to stress and worry on a daily basis, be it from bullying in work,  a control freak in your life,  or a family member in addiction, the loss of a job or a business in these hard times. It’s important that you are not tempted to go down the road of drugs or drink to solve your problems, these only cause more problems. Its important that you look for help, there are many pleasant caring people out there that are willing and able to give you the time and help to get you through this dark space. Take the first step, pick up that phone.