We have all heard of healers who have the gift, the seventh son of a seventh son, the woman with the cure for warts, the water from a holy well… Some people swear by them, other think they should all arrested and never allowed practice their craft again.

Brenda has met a man, Pat Kelly, who seems to have healing hands.

People Out Of The Ordinary – RTE Radio 1 Extra

Pat Kelly is a very busy 71 year old father and grandfather who now works as a bio energy therapist in his Healing Hands clinic in Artane, Co. Dublin.

Some of Pat’s clients have claimed that through their visits to him they have been healed and their pain has disappeared. Pat himself isn’t quite sure how he does it and is keen to stress that he can’t heal everyone and always visit your doctor first.

Pat worked as a butcher for most of his life, and in this week’s Out of the Ordinary, he talks us through his journey from butcher to healer.