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Shane McGowan Testimonial

Bio-energy healer working with Irish music legend Shane MacGowan says he’s never seen Pogues icon looking so well

Pat Kelly has been helping the legendary singer for close to a decade, providing healing hands therapy at his Dublin home.

The former butcher-turned-therapist began holistic training at the age of 65 and is now firm friends with MacGowan and wife Victoria Mary Clarke.

Shane has credited the 75-year-old with helping to turn his life around, describing him as “the greatest healer in the world”.

And as he bids to get back out on the road, Pat told how his work with the Tipperary rocker is paying huge dividends.

Kelly told the Irish Sun on Sunday: “I’ve been working with him for probably eight years now . . . once every fortnight. I get on great with him. He understands me because I let him do what he likes.

“I do healing on him and if he wants to watch a video or wants to smoke a cigar, I just go, ‘Shane, you do what you want and I’ll just work on you’, and he loves that. Hands healing is what I do.


“It’s bio-energy healing that I’m trained in, but I’ve also done counselling and lots of other things as well.

“I’m probably a bit unusual in that I was a butcher all my life before I got into this.

“I started at 65 and love to motivate people. Your life begins when you retire.”

He added: “I’ve been working with Shane for years and the last time I was with him, I brought him a black t-shirt with my name and details on it, and said next time you’re doing a gig, you can throw that on. He looks great in it!”

The legendary leader of the Pogues is famously spiritual, surrounding himself with holy crosses and medals.

Pat smiled: “He’s a very spiritual guy, he wants you to have the cross out, he’ll tell you to get it down beside him!

“His testimonial on my website is a one-liner: ‘I’ve been to all the healers in the world and Pat Kelly is one of the very best.’

A BIO-energy healer working with Shane MacGowan has told how he’s never seen the Pogues icon looking so well.

Pat Kelly has been helping the legendary singer for close to a decade, providing healing hands therapy at his Dublin home.

Discussing Shane’s health now, he said: “He’s improving great, even in the last few weeks. I said to (Shane’s wife) Victoria, I’ve never seen him looking so well.”

The Irish Sun previously revealed how Shane was working hard with a physio in a bid to return to touring.

And Kelly revealed: “I remember him saying to me, ‘Pat, you’re the only one who can get me out there. Would you come on the tour with me because there’s times I don’t want to go out there, and you’d be the man to get me out?’”