If you are under stress all the time in your life you will continue to trigger the fight or flight response in your brain.  This is the emergency response to any danger that you fear or feel you are faced with.  This can cause the cerebral cortex (the part of the brain for thinking) to send a signal to the hypothalamus (the stress response in the brain).

This stimulates the nervous system to release a number of chemicals that cause a number of changes to take place in the body.  It directs blood flow to the heart and parts of the body that need energy to respond to the perceived threat and away from the feet, hands and face.  That is why you look white and you feel butterflies in your stomach.

You have to take control of your stress to avoid long term negative damage to your health, such as the immune system to close down leaving you open to colds, flu, sickness, migraine headaches, ulcers and IBS.

A deep relaxing healing session will help you to stay positive and deal with the stress and will give you relief.