Meeting people suffering depression, back pain, disrupted sleep, headaches ,stomach, neck, and shoulder pain, tiredness, low energy mental or emotional pain.

It has become clear to me that many of these illnesses are caused by stress.

We do not allow enough ease in our lives, as a result we suffer ‘dis-ease’.

I cannot solve your problems, but I can help you explore options that will help you to deal with if you can, and to accept them if you cannot.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to get so stressed that we cannot see the wood through the trees. We are not capable of making decisions that help us achieve our long term goals. Only ones that get us out of our immediate situation.

I am finding this more and more with people under financial pressure. We can become aware that our decisions, and life choices, affect our health our happiness and our thinking.

So often we put ourselves under pressure, to have material things, which we think we should have because other people have them, instead of just looking for the things we need.

Material things don’t keep us happy for long and striving to have them when we cannot afford them causes stress that affects our health.

We have to be happy on the inside, appreciate and see the good things in our lives and are aware of all the positives.

I hear people say every day that they are stressed, it depends on what kind of stress it is.

Is it stress that motivates us in our,business, school or work. To push us to achieve our goal

Or is it stress that is causing us to be angry, tired, frustrated, in negative environment with a boss a teacher or a partner. Where we are feeling unfulfilled, and useless.

If you are in that kind of stress, you have power to change it,

If you cannot change it get out of it, learn to accept it, that will help you cope. Constant stress will affect your health. You will regret not taking action in time.

To find fulfillment in a place where you are appreciated.

When we are stressed all the time our body releases chemicals such as Adrenalin and Cortsol, which are only meant to be released in a traumatic event such as an accident…

Your energy will tell you how your body is, listen to it and take action before your body does it for you, don’t wait until its too late, deal with that stress now.