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Andrea, Dublin – Paranoid attacks

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

I pulled out an angel card this morning and it said prepare for a miracle and it came true. All my prayers have been answered down to you. In August 2010 I walked into Artane resource centre shaking, paranoid and suffering from schizo-affective disorder. I attend a psychiatrist every 6 weeks and am on a lot of medication. It slows me down alot and can put on weight quickly. But since I’ve been going to Pat I have totally changed. My phycosis and strange thoughts have gone. My paranoia has eased and mood has lifted. I used to be afraid to walk outside the door without thinking people were laughing at me. Now I’ve joined curves and uni-slim and lost 19lbs. I’ve started up my own beautician business which was my dream. Pat is my guardian angel, he is always there for me, the healing from his hands is pure magic. He is a very positive and loving person. I went back to my psychiatrist today and she couldn’t get over the difference in me. She lowered some of my medication which has not happened since i was 19 and im 33 now. I feel like a new person and its all down to Pat. Thank you Pat for everything