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Where do I start, I just don’t know but I know who I turned to when all else failed me. PAT KELLY was my heavenly savour.
I had given up all hope when my cancer returned.
I had been nearly six years free of cancer when it returned.
I had been told that the day might come when it might return to another organ in my body and it had returned.
This is when I reached out to Pat for his help, with his Precious Gifts From God ABOVE, “HIS HOLY BLESSED HEALING HANDS”. 
Four weeks ago I had a one hour healing session with Pat. I have been in contact with Pat ever since. With my faith and positivity and Pat prayers, I started to feel real good again.
My tongue was healed of the lumps and my appetite returned as I hadn’t been able to swallow solid food.
Last week I went to get assessment for Chemo to get rid of this horrible disease.  I got a second option on the day, CAME BACK ALL CLEAR. YES PEOPLE ALL CLEAR. I WALKED FROM THE HOSPITAL CANCER FREE. 
I will never forget last Monday. I came out of that hospital the happiest woman in Co. Wicklow.