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Ann – Treated after accident

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

My name is Ann Kelly (no relation) and I have been to Pat for a long time due to an accident and from the first time he helped me I felt a wonderful sensation easing my body into a feeling of lightness and a very tranquil state and my body felt fantastic.  I love going to Pat because he has introduced me into a beautiful world of tranquility and peace. Pat is a very kind and caring man and he really has the Feeling Touch that makes a big difference to my everyday life. I must be one of the first people to visit Pat and look forward to every time he takes care of me, which is five times a week.  I have had problems in my life such as losses in my family and Pat has lifted me onto the part of my mind I never knew existed, where I have been so happy no problem could not been solved. I will continue with Pat because I cannot imagine him not being there to continue healing my body and mind.