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Anne Pidgeon recommends Pat Kelly Healing Hands

Pat Kelly has a unique gift for healing.

There are no words that can express the debt of gratitude I owe to pat Kelly.  When I had my first session with Pat in march of 2022, I was a broken soul riddled with chronic pain. Pat was recommended to me by a friend that he had helped through a difficult time.
I walked into his room not knowing what to expect.
I found a very lovely man who makes you feel at ease and relaxed right away. From the moment

I sat down in this lovely comfortable armchair it was as if all the hurt I had buried so deep inside of me came rushing out. Things i have never told another living soul. I sat in that lovely comfortable chair and I cried buckets. something that I never do.
I had my first bio-energy treatment session.
That first session with pat was the start of my journey to recovery from chronic pain he gave me Hope. Something I hadn’t had in Avery. Long time
I began seeing Pat once a week for the first few months and the change not only in the pain in my body but in myself and how I coped with life was amazing. My family and friends were amazed at the change in me.
I see Pat now once every two weeks as I continue on my journey of a pain-free life made possible by the help of this thoroughly gifted man and his healing hands.

The broken woman that walked into Pat’s room in 2022 has left the building never to return.
If I’m having a bad day Pat is always a phone call away I prefer to text him. He will always text back. It’s like having an angel that always has your back.
For anyone who is lost or has lost all hope of their situation ever changing.
I can’t recommend Pat highly enough. He has helped me change my life for the better give yourself the gift of Hope and go and see pat.