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Barbara, Dublin – Sleep Problem

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

I went to Pat for help with a sleep problem. While he was healing me, my right eye started to water. I had blepharitis in that eye for the previous 6 years, an inflammation of the eyelids which can be hard to cure. I’d previously had a surgical procedure on my eyelids because of it, was on daily steroid drops and six-monthly visits to an eye consultant. I had just accepted it as incurable, I never even mentioned it to Pat.

Within a week of my first visit to Pat, it had noticeably improved. On my next visit to the consultant, she said I could stop the steroid drops and not come back for a year. When I visited it the following year, she said I could stop coming altogether as it had cleared up almost completely.

Oh, and he cured the sleep problem too. Thanks Pat!