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Brian, Meath – Depression and Pain

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

Iv been to pat on a weekly basis in the past few months, I was skeptical at first to everything but as I learned to relax and meditation with pats help iv found an inner peace I never knew existed..,during a session with pat,although my eyes are closed and I’m lying on the bed chillaxed,I can actually see an intense bright glowing light from wherever pat is standing..,he goes around the bed and without touching me I can feel where he is and this is from the bright light I can see or invisage withvmy eyes closed!! Iv been through all sorts and have lost a lot of friends through drugs and suicide and just bad luck life accidents!! Pat has helped me more than he knows and more than I ever thought anyone could! I asked him out of the blue for distance healing and I knew I had an extra hand in meeting my son for the first time in five nearly six years so he has given me hope where I thought there was none,I strongly advise anybody feeling depressed or even with pains like neck n back whiplash its helped me with daily things like driving even,I should say I’m a young 34 year old lad from Dublin,I’m a dj .. I have my demons but pat has helped me a lot and I’ll continue to see him and he’s more like a mate than a counsellor or your idea of a healer or shamen or something lol that’s that thanks for all your help pat Brian Dublin Meath

I learned how to cope and manage my anxiety and depression – Dublin
I really believe the day I met Pat Kelly, the Angels sent him into my life.

I was at rock bottom. I felt so lost, so lonely and so worthless. I felt like I was drowning and couldn’t save myself.

My marriage was over and I was struggling with all aspects of my life. My anxiety and depression had hit an all-time low. A friend handed her my phone and Pat was at the other end of the phone.

When I went to see Pat that day, he was so warm, so welcoming and I truly believe he saved me that day.

He always took the time to listen to me and has gave me such great advise. He believed in me and seen the good in me when I had no self-belief in myself. I can honestly say I have had one of the toughest years of my life and I am so grateful to Pat. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. With you help and support I have found myself again. I have found my self-worth and I know I am a good person who deserves to be happy.

Pat Kelly is an amazing healer. He has such a strong gift and he is a gentleman.

I am so blessed you came into my life that day. I have learned how to cope and manage my anxiety and depression and with the bio-energy healings I received from Pat, I feel a lovely peace and calm in my life and I’m so looking forward to a brighter future.

Thanks Pat for all you have done for me.