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Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

One morning this spring I was looking for something on the internet — that’s when I came across Pat Kelly’s Healing Hands internet page.

I had the feeling that I should contact him. I called Pat Kelly and as I couldn’t reach him I left a message on his answering machine, asking, if he would maybe have time for an Angel Healing and Reading as I was only going to be in Dublin for another two days.

At that time I was staying in a private home in Bayside. I had left this home and was sitting in the DART from Bayside towards the center of Dublin when Pat Kelly called me back and told me, that someone had just cancelled an appointment that morning and he would have an opening right away. We spoke for a short moment when Pat Kelly told me, that he was living in Harmonstown — and just as he had told me so, the DART I was sitting in just stopped at Harmonstown. So I got off and Pat Kelly was so kind to come to the Dart station to meet me to bring me to his home in order for me to have my first session with him.

In the meantime I had another Angel Healing and Reading with Pat Kelly and others will follow.

Pat Kelly was and is always there for me when I’m in need of this help. He is always in a cheerful mood and has a great spirit. I love the sessions with Pat Kelly, because his healings are outstanding and it’s always nice to receive some guidance from the angels too.

I recommend Pat Kelly’s services to everyone, because he is really sincere, open minded, and always himself.

For me, Pat Kelly has become a real friend and I’m deeply touched by his humble healings and service.