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Carol, Fertility Issues, Anxiety and Stress

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

I contacted Pat as I felt at a very low ebb in my life. I was unable to get pregnant after after over a year of trying and I felt really down. I was also having a terrible time in work due to a nasty boss and toxic working environment.
Pat was always so positive and I found my sessions with him extremely relaxing and I always left feeling positive & calm.
At the time I couldn’t see a way out of my problems. With Pats help I was able to face my fertility problems & seek the help I needed. I am now happily pregnant!!
Pat also helped me to stand up to my nasty boss & to hang on for better times. I am so glad I did as I have now accepted a generous redundancy offer & am now free to pursue my passions & work somewhere where I feel valued & passionate about.
Pat has been such a help to me and my life has changed greatly since our sessions began. Pat always tells me I’m like a different person now!
We also use the angel cards and talk about how the angels can help us every day. This is something I am really passionate about use on a daily basis.
Thank you Pay for helping change my life for the better!