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Caroline, Dublin – Coping with Grief

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Bereavement

It’s a beautiful bank holiday Monday and I am sitting here looking out at the sun (for a change). I can’t decide whether to go out and enjoy it or just mope around the house. My daughter is in work and my son has gone out so it’s just me. Then my phone beeps and I see it is a text from you saying “Hope you get out and enjoy that lovely day”. This was the kick in the backside I needed to do exactly that. I have friends and family I can call or go and see but wouldn’t have bothered until your text. It is like you are tuned into me and the texts always arrive at the right time.

I wouldn’t have got through the last 8 months without my family and friends and yourself. I know you can’t bring my hubby back (no one can) but I do come away from a session with you feeling that I can cope with the road ahead. I would like to Thank you so much for all your help/comfort and kindness and the texts that seem to give me the push I need.