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Catherine, Dublin – Chronic illnesses

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

I first heard Pat on the radio & felt drawn to see what Bio Energy Healing was all about. I had been diagnosed with several chronic illnesses over the last few years & was in a lot of pain & quite depressed about what the future might hold, so desperately needed some help. For some reason, I felt hopeful Pat might be able to help, so I went to see him & from the first Healing Session I felt something was happening, something had ‘shifted’. I continued to attend several sessions with Pat & at this stage I feel my quality of life has turned around. I am no longer in constant pain & I’m much more energised & back to feeling positive about life again. With Pat’s continued support I have been blessed with an inner peace so I’m much calmer in my daily life. The hopelessness I felt for my future has been replaced with a renewed energy that had eluded me since my younger days & an enthusiasm for the future, which before the Healing Sessions had seemed somewhat bleak. Other situations within the family have arisen since I first started seeing Pat for the healing sessions, & with his continued support I have coped very well in supporting others in their time of need. As he says “You have to be well in yourself to help others!” Pat has been blessed with a great gift, there are no words to describe how eternally….eternally grateful I am to him for all his help. I have never met anyone like Pat, he is a totally selfless person, truly devoted to helping others & giving of his time & energy to anyone who needs it. I have recommended him to several friends & will continue to do so into the future. God Bless you Pat.