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Denise, Dublin – Bereavement

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

I arrived at Pats in a terrible state about 4 weeks ago, I had recently lost my dad who I loved very much . I could not cope I was heartbroken. My doctor had prescribed anti-depressants which I was not happy with so I decided to try a different approach so I went to Pat. Pat was very understanding , he was able to calm me down . As Pat started the bio energy on me by the end of the session I was in another place , its hard to explain but I came out and felt as if weight had been lifted. I had a couple of sessions and I am now able to grieve but not let it take control of my life . I now have a different outlook on life , I have become a more positive person and I have alot more energy. I also know that what Pat done has helped me . I would recommend anybody to give it a try , it really does work. I want to thank Pat for helping me along and know that he is always there if I need him.