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Gwen – Stress and lack of sleep

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

I came to Pat while i was working full-time in an extremely stressful situation. i had returned to work full-time after 12 years and found it extremely difficult. My main problem was lack of sleep due to stress. I wasn’t a good sleeper before i started working but after starting the new job i could not sleep at all and required sleeping pills. Pat really helped me relax and cope with the stress. He supported me every day for the period i worked and since then. He is a wonderful healer and a very kind and generous person. He helped me understand and feel better about my situation in life. He is an excellent counselor. Every session with Pat was such a treat. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who is suffering. He certainly helped me on the road to recovery and i am very grateful to him for all he has done. He also helped a friend of mine whom i recommended to him. There were some amazing miracles which occurred during the period i was going to Pat. For example, I had a very difficult deadline to meet in work and had very little training on how to achieve this particular task. Against all the odds the task was completed on time which really impressed my employers. Pat definitely has the angels on his side and i do believe he himself is an angel