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I cannot explain the peace and comfort I got from this experience

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

I lost my Daughter just over a year ago to suicide. She had a little two year old girl.

I was overcome with grief and did not know where to turn for help, a friend recommended to Pat as they had turned to him when going through a similar situation. Pat spent a lot of time talking to me, helping me to understand my feelings better. He then got me to lie down on a lovely bed to relax me and do a Healing Session on me.

During the healing session, a large black circle appeared before me, the centre of it opened up and purple hearts began to fall out of it. As I watched it, two hands appeared and pushed the centre back, just like open a curtain. Then my Daughter appeared in the centre of circle, she held out her hands to me, she was happy and laughing. I had been searching for sign since she passed that she was happy. I cannot explain the peace and comfort I got from this experience.

I continue to come to Pat; its my time of the week for peace and calm, it’s lovely to talk to someone that understands.

Thank you Pat for being there for me.

Sandra, Dublin