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Isabelle, Cork – Family Issues

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

I suffered from very low confidence and serious family issues, which had held me back all of my life. I can’t say that I suffered from any particular illness – but things just were not right in my life. Nothing seemed to be taking shape and I found i was progressively becoming crippled with fear and anxiety – which i hadn’t been for years. My body ached with sadness – but i didn’t know how to fix it. Having been a very positive person, outgoing, vivacious etc, I felt i was – for whatever reason – spiralling downwards in to a sad, lonely individual. Going to see Pat was so wonderful. His counselling skills worked in perfect harmony with his bio-energy sessions. I felt like I had met an old friend. Throughout the weeks that he worked on me, memories from my subconscious flooded to the surface, and I found myself releasing pain and grief that i had held on to for all of my life. My whole body felt lighter. And while I am still a work in progress, Pat put me back on the straight and narrow. He is at the end of the phone if ever you need him. His fee is so nominal – and no money would ever cover the love and good intentions and time and positivity that he gives you. He helped me to forgive anyone who had hurt me and see them all in a new light. Throughout the session, my own faults and failings were highlighted too, and I became aware of mistakes done to others that i had to rectify. I had heard that to change those around you – you have to change yourself. And Pat’s changes in me were evidence of that. I found my family were responding differently to me, as I made changes for myself. Even if nothing major happens to you from visiting him, his room is the most comforting place! You feel loved the minute you step inside. Pat’s bright smile and sparkle in his eyes will warm the cockles of your heart. I have recommended him to lots of people since, and they all have had wonderful experiences – big and small. I cannot thank you enough Pat – a friend for life!