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Jack Nolan

5 weeks ago today I visited Pat Kelly after months of intense spinal and back pain. The pain was so bad that I had lost 20kgs, unable to eat with nerve pain, in about 2 months.

I spent an hour with Pat undergoing his ‘healing treatment’ At the end I asked him did he want to see me soon again “NO. If you don’t see improvement in the coming days there is no point coming back to me”
I woke up the following morning with NO pain for the first time in probably 6 months in fact for the first time in 2 years.
I was on 24 pain killers a day just to dull the pain and now I haven’t taken a single painkiller in 5 weeks.
Pat says his healing may not work for everyone but it most certainly worked for me. I would highly recommend anyone that needs help to make a visit to this amazing gentleman. Thank you Pat.