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Kay, Dublin – Shingles

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

I had my first Bio-Energy session with Pat Kelly on Thursday 4th March 2010. The past fifteen to twenty years have been extremely stressful for me and I have had many Reiki and Reflixology sessions, Which helped me very much. Never having heard of Bio-Energy before, I was very interested in experiencing same. After my first session, I was totally and completely relaxed. I had never experienced a reaction like it. All I wanted was to sleep. I did sleep very soundly that night. Over the next few days, I felt as though my body had been cleaned out. I felt light and good.

When Pat came the following week, I told him I had hurt my back. I had a lot of pain in my left back under my left arm and in the top of my left arm. I did not tell him that I had what I thought were two bites on my back. The area was very red and blisterry. He paid special attention to this area as he worked and for 24 hours after he had finished I had absolutely no pain. Over the next day or so I noticed more refd marks appearing and some pain returned. I went to the Doctor and was told that I had shingles. I was warned that it was very painful and debilitating condition and to expect a lot of pain etc., but absolutely nothing like I had expected. I had another session with Pat that week and have no doubt that I escaped very lightly because of his treatment. Now, three weeks later, the shingles have vanished and my family are amazed at how well I stayed through it, but I am convinced the treatment stopped the shingles developing to their full extent.

I had two more treatments with Pat over the following two weeks. I said to Pat “I feel as though my body is up and running for the first time in years”. The feeling of wellbeing, lightness and health is still with me and I am only sorry I didn’t know about Bio-Energy years ago. On his last visit on Wed. 31st March, my reaction was amazing. My body tingled from my head to my toes. The sensation right through my body down to my toes was something I had never experienced in all my years of treatments. I felt as though my body had come alive again. Pat worked very hard and I am really grateful to him for letting me experience this wonderful treatment. I wish him well in his career and have no doubt I will be availing of his expertise again.