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M.S.M Virginia USA – Back and rib pain

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

The things that should strike anyone who meets Pat Kelly are: his wonderful energy; his genuine desire to help alleviate unnecessary suffering in others; how he makes no promises; how he insists if a healing happens for his clients he takes no credit; how he listens to your concerns; how he will try to fit you in as soon as he can; and how he will either meet you or drop you off at the DART station near his office.

That all said I didn’t expect Pat Kelly could or would heal my quite damaged rib(s) and back after a bad chiropractic adjustment ten days ago. In fact, I didn’t go to Pat for that. I came to him for emotional relief, specifically my anxious nature (including a fear of flying) which even without injuries is an obstacle to so many aspects of my life. But, I didn’t really think I could be helped on that front either. Nonetheless, the day before another important journey I felt compelled to call this wonderful man.

During the session with Pat I felt substantial healing heat from his hands, particularly over my ribs , and I was overcome with a deep calm. This calm continued after I left Pat, giving me a great night’s sleep, a much more relaxed flight than usual, and best of all I was able to enjoy and be present with the company of those I wanted to see for the whole time I traveled, and all minus much of the physical pain that the bad chiropractic adjustment had inflicted on me barely three days earlier.

I can wholeheartedly say that Pat Kelly is like a conduit to the beyond to help many on their healing journeys.