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Maeve, Donegal – Breast Cancer

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in February and I am truly grateful to Pat for helping me on the road to recovery. His sessions helped me to face the gruelling chemotherapy and I got through the 18 weeks without being sick once. I also got the best possible response from the chemo with my tumours almost completely disappearing and I know that is down to the positivity and healing I received from Pat. He also helped me through my surgery and today I was officially declared cancer free after the results from my op showed there was no cancer in any lymph nodes and that clear margins were achieved in the surgery. Pat is compassionate¬† and caring and I always leave my sessions feeling strong, optimistic and ready to face whatever challenge is ahead of me. The next stage now is 6 weeks radiation therapy to ensure that the cancer is completely gone and I’m confident with Pat’s help I’ll fly through it.

Thank you so much Pat