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Marcella, Melbourne – Knee Tumor

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

From the moment I stepped inside Pat’s healing rooms, I knew I was on to something good. Even if nothing major were to happen, for the small fee that he charges, I knew Pat wasn’t in it for the money – but it was his passion for and belief in whatever he was doing that spurred him on. Although quite skeptical about it all, curiosity got the better of me and his warm heart, merry disposition, open arms and positivity were so welcoming, that I felt at ease immediately and I knew it would be a positive session – even if it was just in the way of relaxing my tired and pain-filled body. I had had surgery on a knee tumor about a year and a half earlier, but had never experienced any relief and suffered continuous knee pain ever since, affecting my confidence, my ability to do all the things i had always done (walking, cycling, etc), teach pain-free etc, etc. Because I was being careful to mind my knee, the rest of my body was compensating and I had referred pain down my leg, in my back etc. It was a horrible few years: all conventional medicine methods had failed me, and people got tired of listening to me complaining about my pain – myself included. My sunny disposition became clouded and relationships suffered. Unless you’ve lived with constant chronic pain, you might not be able to empathise with just how tough it is…. It grinds away at you slowly, attacking all your faculties. I suffered from depression during this time also, as I felt there was no hope and no way to seek help – everything I tried, seemed to make things work. Its very hard to put in to words what happened during the three weeks that I visited Pat regularly, but i have never experienced such relief. It took a few sessions for it to kick in – but once it did, the relief was immediate. And while it does twinge still the very odd time, I haven’t been this pain free in years! It was like my whole body was washed of pain and grief. After a lovely chat, Pat would lie you up on the couch, and just move his hands over you, quietly doing his work. For such a gentle, non-invasive practice – no knife-cutting, no antibiotics, no nothing – it was such a comforting, life-giving experience. I will forever be grateful to Pat. I still can’t believe how good my knee is. I go for hikes and cycles in the bush here and think – is this for real? I can’t believe I am still getting back to my old self, after years of pain and being held back by my knee. I will forever be grateful to Pat. Like i said – words can’t explain exactly what happened – but just go along with an open mind, an open heart and believe that good will come of it – whatever the outcome. Because that it all that at wants for you – he will give you his all and want nothing but a great outcome for you.

Thank you Pat.

Marcella, Melbourne, Australia.