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Mary, Dublin – Grief and Bereavement

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

After nearly 3 Years of struggling through the grief of looseing my brother, I came across Pat through a Friend I was unsure what to expect, or if he could even help me.

I went for my first Healing Session and never experienced anything like it before. It totally relaxed me, it made me feel all light, and felt like a New Energy had started to flow through me. From the first day I met him I felt different, he was so calming and undersanding of how I felt.

Pat was able to help me to look at things from a different perspective,and this helps me to be positive, and see the good things in Life, not always looking back on the past. I have been to Pat a few times, each time I come out I feel stronger for it. I feel he is always there for me no matter what is going on in my life.

He seems to know the times I am upset, he sends me messages to reassure me that he is always there to help me, when I need it. I am so glad I met Pat, I want to Thank him for all the help he has been to me.

I feel a dark cloud has lifted a bit more each Day and I know that it will soon be gone.

If you ever feel that you need Pat to Help you, I know he can