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Pat – Dublin – Anxiety

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

Pat has a great sense of the art of healing. Unlike many health professionals, Pat listens to his clients.In doing so he affirms their anxieties which has a calming effect before the energy healing begins. This is an essential component of treating the holistic person. My son, in his early 20’s was full of anxieties, many of which were carried forward from his teenage years. He had accumulated a lot of unresolved issues which were colouring his perception of his everyday life. Pat listened to his anxieties first which allowed him to put things into perspective.The energy healing performed by Pat after the listening session had the great effect of boosting my son’s energy which helped him to get his life in order. Our gratitude to Pat at this stressful time cannot be overestimated. My son has now moved on with his life, learning to offload issues before the anxiety builds up in his system creating systemic exhaustion