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Paul, Dublin – Headaches

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

Hi Pat, thank you very much four your treatment Tues and Wed. I have been very sick, with serve pain, with my migraines, which caused me dizziness and vomiting. After my first session on Tues, I could not believe the results, later that Evening my headaches, dizziness, and sickness started to ease off. I also fell of into a deep night sleep, which I normally get 3 hours sleep per night ,since 2008, after a serve back work related accident. I now suffer with chronic back pain, I have not worked a day since may 2008. I lost count on the amount of back operations I got, I had a implant spinal stimulator installed in my back in 2011.It was taken out of my back in 2014 as it was failing with my back pain, it was supposed to stay in my back for 10 years. I am now waiting for a new higher frequency stimulator (nevo) spinal stimulator, which consist of 2 big operations, were I will be unable to do anything up till 6 months.

On my second session, with you today, I am very tired, and I am confident I will sleep through the night that I am very sure. I would like to thank you for your treatment, and the lifts home, you are a very friendly nice guy, and I am glad I picked up the phone to call you.