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Q fever – Moira, Meath

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

I was diagnosed with a condition called Q fever following a bite from a tick in Malta in December last. The symptoms. include fever/chills, night sweats, little sleep, painful itch / rash headaches and extreme tiredness. Q fever is very rare and only about 20 cases are reported every year in Ireland. The treatment is antibiotics for 18 /24 months and monthly blood tests.

I was at my lowest ebb in July this year and I looked up face book for a Bio Energy Healer.I know an Angel directed me to Pat Kelly

When I arrived at Pats home he was out on the street to greet with a very warm smile ,handshake and make sure I had a parking space. This he has done on every visit. I found Pat to be a very warm caring compassionate man. Like a good therapist he always checks how you have been since your last visit. It was only after my 6th visit that I eventually saw the bright light and felt his healing hands on the parts of the body that were very sore. I really enjoyed the relaxation of the treatment.it was only then that I was ready to receive the Angels.

Pat has been sending distant healing to me for about 7 weeks now and I always know by pulsation in my wound at the time.

I have retired from Nursing after 46yrs and Pat has encouraged to do the Bio

Energy course that is on in Dublin I October This will be the next chapter of my life and I am looking forward to helping people again