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Sam, Dublin – Depression and anxiety

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

Just want to say a huge thank you to you pat for all your help I arrived in your door a year and a half ago suffering from id say depression anxiety and stress you worked on me and told me to make contact with my mother as we had fallen out over family trouble and you told me it would be a start I found it so hard to do what you had asked and ignored the situation I had also just broke up with my boyfriend and thought my world was over .. after many sessions with u I became back to myself but just hadent got the courage to get in contact with my mother and choose to ignore it …. 12 months on I arrive back at your door looking for serious help as not speaking to my mother was seriously effecting me I remember you pat told me to reply to a text she had sent me a week previous I listen to u and we replied to the text together that night in our session. Not speaking to my mother had become a huge issue and was effecting me day to day on my new life it was starting to effect my new relationship and wouldn’t let me move on with postive things that were going on it had to totally blocked from seeing any sort of light … From that night you told me to reply to my mams text I have no began to build a relationship with my mother again slowly. You have no idea what it has done all that anger bitterness and pain from that situation has left me .. I now start a new job leaving to move to the uk and leave Ireland with no regrets all thanks to you pat.. you have such a gift and carry on healing people just as u do … It’s magical thanks again from bottom of my heart