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Sharon – Meath, Acute Stress and Fatigue

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

I came across pat’s website, and i was in a really low place, I’d suffered from acute stress and fatigue and I didn’t feel as though I was going to be able to cope with life or ever get my energy back. I was suffering from low energy, not being able to sleep properly and a strong pressure in my head. I decided to contact pat as I knew that I was holding on to a lot of emotion that needed to be released. I found pat to be really helpful, I cried my way through the whole of the first session and he encouraged me to leave everything that was holding me back in the room. . From the very first session I felt the energy working with me in a very powerful way, I kept going back to pat over the next few days to continue the treatment, by the third session I was starting to get some very deep and restful sleep which meant my body was able to heal itself, by the fourth session I was walking into Pat with a spring in my step, I couldn’t believe the change in myself. I am so grateful to pat, as I write this the strong pressure in my head which has been plaguing me for months has completely disappeared and I feel my energy is coming back stronger every day!! Thank you so much Pat from the bottom of my heart, I am so lucky and grateful to have found you and would highly recommend you to anyone who needs support.