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Siobhan – Distance healing

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

Cancer has this terrifying effect. When it is one of your children it is more frightening. The shock heightens your awareness of death and lack of knowledge incapacitates you: makes you dizzy. What now!
I couldn’t utter the word to anyone. When I did tears would involuntarily fall. The future was black. So I never talked about it. He was put on chemo. He was stressed, nervous, unsure and afraid: ANGRY.I thought of Pat.I sent Pat a text and asked him to include my son in his healing. His kind words meant a lot. Just the ‘I’m here for you’ made me cry as it was comforting and kind.After that contact my son’s mental attitude changed, becoming more acceptable and relaxed. Less fearful.Over the weeks I’d send Pat an update as progress was good and the outcome favourable.This week he was told it was gone. One last week of chemo to finish the course. Then five years of checkups.The power of prayer and healing transcends the everyday.Of course the doctors, nurses, the surgeons, the medications play their part but it’s that indescribable force of prayer, human energy and powerful thought that enhances everyone involved along the road to recovery.

Thank you Pat I am very grateful to you.