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Susan, Dublin – Unhappy in School

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

My 7 year old daughter had been very unhappy in school, I dreaded each morning trying to persuade her to let go of my hand and just go in.

She wasn’t sleeping very well either and would have nightmares, she always feared bad things would happen. A friend suggested I mention it to Pat.

I brought her down to see him and she totally opened up to him, he was fantastic with her, she even let me leave the room while they talked which was unheard of with her. They had a great chat and she explained to Pat all that was bothering her. He told her about her guardian angel and how she was always protected, he even gave her one of his own angels. She skipped into school the next day without a bother and that has continued the last few weeks, she keeps her angel by her bed and has had no more nightmares.

I want to thank Pat so very much for his time, compassion and understanding with my daughter, I cant believe the change in her, its brilliant.