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Terri, Kildare – Chronic Pain

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

Five weeks ago I saw you for the first time after My husband, Diarmuid, bullied me into seeing you.   I confess to being totally sceptical.  Di had heard you on the radio some months ago with the Mooney Show and he wanted me to see you but I had refused.   I have suffered from chronic pain for six and a half years since we were both in a serious car accident.

Over the years I have tried so many treatments, chiropractors, physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage, accupuncture and much more.  In March 2010 I completed the Pain Management Treatment at Tallaght Hospital.  The course was great and the main focus for me was acceptance.   I had to accept that the ‘old Terri’ was gone and would never return.  I had to accept that this is the new model ‘T’ and this is my life now.  I found it hard and I worked so hard to be the new model.

Chronic Pain is hard to describe, some days I would feel ok, so days everything is a struggle.  My husband would help me up as the morning is the worst time, my entire right side is affected by the pain, my right arm is numb in the morning and I had developed sciatica in recent years – causing pain down my right leg into my foot.   My right arm throbs and I had a form of vertigo which caused me to be dizzy when I lie down or sit up or even look up.   Yes, in truth I was a mess.

In late March/early April I had a really bad flare up of pain and Di traced you down by e mailing the Mooney show.   He made me promise to go to see you and to please him, I did.  In truth I expected nothing but I liked the sound of you when we e mailed.

After the first visit, I felt no change, it had been really relaxing and pleasant but I only went to please Di.   The following day I seemed to have more pep in my step, after a few days there was a noticeable improvement in the pain.   I decided it was just that I was about to celebrate my 50th birthday and I was excited.    I saw you again and a few days later I travelled to West Cork and Kerry to celebrate my birthday with my husband and son James.    I had no repercussions from the drive down or all the sight seeing drives.   I walked hills, crossed rivers, laughed and felt wonderful.   I still thought it was just the excitement of my big birthday.

We came home and Di was amazed that I had no repercussions from all the driving, over 1200 kms!    I worked for two whole days which involved sitting for 6 – 8 hours and had no repercussions, I walked more, had celebratory lunches, dinners, teas and still the pain stayed away.   Yes, I have some pain but compared with the years past it is 60 – 70% improved.    I am almost afraid to say it out loud in case it comes back again as of old.

Pat, thank you for giving me back my old life in more ways than I could ever have dreamt.  I have no idea why your treatment works but it does so I thank you and I thank God.