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Turin, Italy – ME and CFS

Pat Kelly Healing Hands - Counselling Services

My cynical side put to bed,

I came across pat’s website, and i was in a really low place, I’d had been suffering from M.E and CFS for a few months  and I didn’t feel as If was going to be able to return to college and my normal life in Italy after summer. I was suffering from low energy, joint pains and a severe chest pains.

I decided to contact pat in the hope that he could help me, I was very cynical about it but from the very first session I felt the energy working with me in a very powerful and warm way, I can’t explain it but it felt much better any medication I had taken to help myself.  I kept going back to pat over the next few weeks to continue the treatment, by the third session I was beginning to feel a difference and friends even said to me that they saw a positive change in me. With two weeks to go before the move back to Italy I could I feel my energy is coming back stronger every day.

I’m glad I met pat and glad I put my doubts aside, I would highly recommend pat to anyone who needs support for M.E/CFS.