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Scientific research shows the power of the mind to heal the body.  Mind-body therapies and practices can aid treatment by facilitating the body’s power to heal itself. Symptoms of stress can often affect your health, in ways that you may not be aware of, resulting in ailments such as stress, anxiety, depression, back pain, IBS, neck and shoulder pain.  All of these ailments can be treated through the power of energy healing sessions. Often we judge as ‘sickness’ such ailments as that irritating headache, frequent insomnia or decreased productivity at work when in fact stress may in fact be the root cause of these feelings of unwellness.

Because your body is hardwired to feel every emotion, as it does our emotional challenges show up as physical symptoms of illness. Repressed emotions can build up over a long period, for example childhood problems not dealt with, alcohol issues, fear, insecurity, worry and isolation can all manifest themselves in various ailments. It is through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs that we create experiences in our lives.  Have you ever though about what is actually happening when you cry? We express our thoughts through ‘tears of joy’ or ‘tears of happiness’ based on what we are actually thinking, or another example is when we have an embarrassing thought and our face goes red, this is often due to the onset of a powerful emotion of embarrassment or shame.

Research now shows that with support in developing a positive mind-set we can train our minds to heal our body. Your mind has a role to play in supporting our physical health in the most serious illnesses. It also has a powerful role in healing us in overcoming these illnesses. Your body knows what to do to heal itself. Your body makes healing hormones that fight stress, promoting calm and balance. If you let your body do its job, the healing power of these hormones, such as dopamine, endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin can promote well-being without medication or supplements