This is how Anne was feeling when she came to me in the suffering depression,  I think she explains very the way she was feeling at that time, and it is probably the way that many people will identify with. I believe in helping and supporting  and motivating people, who are in that dark space to see all the positive things that they have in their lives,  that they cant see when they are overcome by this dark cloud.  Anne came through it so can you.

I had suicidal thoughts for about two years, during a period of distress which I had felt there was no way out of. At that time, I felt like an outsider, feeling like I didn’t have the right to live, just waiting to go. Lucky for me, I received some help at the critical time, and pulled through with the love and support of some good friends.

What I learned in going through that is that, no matter how bad things seem, they will pass. The bad times wont last forever. A wise friend of mine said, the suffering you go through now becomes like a jewel, an adornment you wear that brings beauty when you have come through it. The experience you gain makes you useful both to yourself and to others. That has been true for me, and my life now is really joyful, and I think, quite useful.

Things changed when I developed some compassion for myself, and allowed into myself the compassion of other people for me. Things have been much lighter since.