Bio Energy Healing Practitioner

My name is Pat Kelly, I am a qualified bio energy healing practitioner with diplomas in counselling, bereavement counselling, suicide support volunteer, also adult psychology.
I have helped people with fertility problems, stress, anxiety I.B.S. back pain, shoulder pain, car crash victims and many other problems that you can see on Testimonials.

I had a lady that came to relieve Stress and Anxiety, as herself and her husband were planning a baby, after just one session she became pregnant, and delighted to say that Mum and Baby are doing great today.

I know it takes courage to pick up the phone to ask for help, I have to tell you to call your doctor first, and if what you are doing is not working, give me a call, what I am doing may not always work for you either.
Your call will be treated in strict confidence, non judgmental, and understanding, the number is at the top of the page, or fill in your details on the space on the right and I will get back to you.Thank you for your time and look forward to talking to you soon.

Posted by pat on Thursday, January 30, 2014

Links Between Stress and Health

Medical research shows that many physical and mental illnesses are stress related,and are the cause of such pains as. Back Pain Headaches. Depression.Chronic Fatigue.Low energy. Bio Energy therapy can help you to get relief,and manage these pains, and help your mind and body to recover, and enjoy your life. Are you a constant worrier, does […]

Posted by pat on Thursday, January 3, 2013

Family Issues

Working with people to heal physical, mental and emotional problems, I find that family issues come up a lot. Conflicts are part of family life. Many issues can lead to family problems such as addiction,loss of a job, loss of a business, bereavement, martial problems, school difficulties,serious illness. We are all shaped by the family […]