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The Greatest joy in my life is helping fellow human beings break free of negative beliefs and attitudes. I help them find what they are good at in life and in turn help them reach their full potential My goal is to help them get their lives, their freedom and their power back.
Welcome to Pat KellyDistance Healing
A healer’s job is to help heal as many people as possible, wherever and however they are; to help, heal and support them, to cope better with their illness, and to bring peace, calm and comfort back into their lives.
Welcome to Pat KellyBio Energy Healing
Bio energy is a gentle, safe, non intrusive, hands healing therapy, conducted through the use of the hands by the healer or therapist over the patients body while [Fully Clothed]. It uses the energy in your body to treat physical, mental, or emotional problems in the body’s energy system without the use of drugs.
Welcome to Pat KellyWellness
Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Physical Pain.

Author Caroline Foran’s Testimonial

When I came to Pat I was very upset, very certain that my situation would not change, and very afraid of my anxiety and fear, unable to move forward.

Almost instantly, Pat reassured me that all would be well. He reassured me that I was not alone in this experience; many had been there, gotten through it, and so would I.

More than most of the professionals I’ve encountered on my journey, Pat fully understood my predicament. Before it even gets down to the actual bio-energy healing, Pat will put your mind at ease. Almost instantly, I felt more calm, safe in the knowledge that what had happened to me was understandable, normal, and not, as I had been thinking all along, all my own fault. He works tirelessly to help you rebuild your confidence, knowing that it is always there within you. His passion for his work and helping others shines through, in fact it’s really quite palpable.

With the most relaxing of meditation music, Pat helps you reach a state of incredibly deep relaxation, enabling your mind and body to heal. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like it; if Pat’s magic could be bottled and sold, he’d help people the world over. Pat is there, ready and willing, to help your mind and body let go of the negativity it holds on to.

Furthermore, unlike ANY other counsellor or therapist or healer, Pat is there come rain or shine at any time of the day to provide you with words of encouragement. His thoughtful, healing texts make your journey towards recovery a joyous one. It is not possible to feel as though you’re all alone once you’ve met with Pat. His dedication and commitment to your recovery is unrelenting.

I would recommend that anybody going through any manner of difficulty make an appointment to see Pat. There isn’t a hope you could regret it.

Caroline Foran

Irish Vocalist and Recording Artist Shane Mc Gowan’s Testimonial

Of all the healers I have been to,  and I have been to a hell of a lot of them, all over the World.  Pat Kelly is the very best!

Shane Mc Gowan

Irish Journalist and Writer Victoria Mary Clarke’s Testimonial

Pat did an amazing job on me yesterday . I felt really sick before he arrived. I didn’t think I would have the strength or the voice to do my Speaking Supper.

But immediately after he finished, I got up and got dressed and put on make up and began to feel lively and enthusiastic.

I was on my feet all the evening, presenting the speakers and I enjoyed every minute of it!!!!

Thank you for your wonderful healing.

Victoria Mary Clarke.

Artane Mindfulness Group

Artane mindfulness group for stress, anxiety and depression. Mondays, in room 3 Our Lady Of Mercy, Artane, Dublin 5.

€10 Euro Donation, pay as you go. 6 minutes from Harmonstown Dart Station.


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We have all heard of healers who have the gift, the seventh son of a seventh son, the woman with the cure for warts, the water from a holy well… Some people swear by them, other think they should all arrested and never allowed practice their craft again.

Brenda has met a man, Pat Kelly, who seems to have healing hands.

People Out Of The Ordinary – RTE Radio 1 Extra

Pat Kelly is a very busy 71 year old father and grandfather who now works as a bio energy therapist in his Healing Hands clinic in Artane, Co. Dublin.

Some of Pat’s clients have claimed that through their visits to him they have been healed and their pain has disappeared. Pat himself isn’t quite sure how he does it and is keen to stress that he can’t heal everyone and always visit your doctor first.

Pat worked as a butcher for most of his life, and in this week’s Out of the Ordinary, he talks us through his journey from butcher to healer.

Interview with The Senior Times Magazine