I have done many courses to help my personal development, and understanding, so that I might be better able to help, and heal other people, that would seek my help with physical, mental, or emotional problems.

All of these courses were good, and helpful in guiding me down a path I seem destined to take, in seeking purpose, and fulfillment in my own life, and to help other people to improve their lives.


It was the Bio Energy healing course that ticked all the boxes for me on this path, it opened up so many doors for me, at a time in life when I was retiring from another career. It was like a whole new beginning, an opportunity to start again at something new, I loved doing.

There are many people who never find what they want to do in life; I know I have found it now.


If you are a Nurse or in a Caring profession and would like to further develop your skills.

Or feel it would help your personal development in your working with people; this course would be good for you.

If you are in a career that you feel is not right for you, or you have take n redundancy or lost your job and would like to make a new start, this course is worth looking at.


There are regular half day workshops, to explain the details of the course,

Its benefits and opportunities, if you interested, just contact me and I will send you on the details.